What one SINGLE travel & expense partner can do for you

Travel & travel-related costs cover a significant portion of the company’s expenditure, and for the foreseeable future, safety will also bring in an additional cost.
Companies have already onboarded systems to handle business travel & expense management. However, till date the tendency was to onboard one partner to handle travel for the company, and another for expense.
But today, it doesn’t make sense anymore to keep flipping between travel & expense management. Between two platforms, it is almost like a long distance relationship when in reality it should be a marriage.
The biggest ask from companies today is efficiency! You need one platform that manages, simplifies, streamlines, and tracks everything, and can deliver instant value:

Everybody follows all the rules, with just one platform

Business travel management & expense management partners drive an automated, policy-compliant process for you.
Imagine a smart system that looks at a trip booking, predicts the costs for toll, per diem, and more, and creates a single projection for the entire trip. Suddenly, there is no worry about compliance, your teams follow all the rules, you can budget better, and any red flags are instantly visible!

You don’t need to chase manager approval

Reporting manager approvals are often bottlenecks. There are lots of follow-ups involved, and most companies demand it for accountability.
A platform which is pre-populated with company policies, computes the claim & amount, and auto-approves spends which are within guidelines? The managers would then only have to approve unusual requests which will be flagged out. And you get faster approvals at no risk of fraudulent claims going through!

There are no “loopholes” & “conditions apply”

Gaps in filing, accounting and approvals leave room for fraud along with errors.
A partner who simplifies the reimbursement filing process and can easily detect errors like duplicate receipts, double filing or filing a cost that the reimbursement policy does not cover. 

You don’t have to look through endless charts & Excel sheets

To save money effectively, you need detailed data, but most of the times, this means endless Excel sheet work.
The reports come to you on demand, with a set of instant tweaks, suggestions, and course correction measures that you could implement to make your processes stronger? 

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