Webinar Recording: Mastering the Balancing Act

Mastering the Balancing Act

Is your plan for financial recovery watertight? Are you aware of all the alternatives? Do you know what milestones you should be aiming for?

Collaboration will make all the difference in a post-lockdown reality.

Especially when it comes to building a forward-looking business plan that will feed the revenue stream in a sustainable fashion.

Find out what business leaders across industries had to say at the webinar:

Mastering the Balancing Act: Cost Optimization vs Accelerated Growth


Mr. Vaibhav Joshi, CFO India, NephroPlus (previously with Aircel & Satyam Computers)

Mr. Vijay A. M., CFO, Capillary Technologies (previously with Dell, Rexam Healthcare, and Waterlife India)

Mr. Mayank Kukreja, Co-Founder & CEO ITILITE

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