How To Choose The Best Travel Management Software For Your Organization? (+Free Checklist)


If you’re in the business travel function/role, you would know the importance of travel management software. It helps you book, track, and analyze business travel easily. It also helps in saving costs for the company and reducing administrative work. 

And since it’s such an essential part of managing the overall corporate travel, it should never be an either/or situation when it comes to picking up the right travel management software. In this blog, we will share with you the key aspects to be considered while selecting travel management software for your organization. 

Travel Management Software: Key Aspects To Look For

First, it should have an extensive & global inventory of safe hotels and airlines. Giving your employees low-priced (in-budget) options for hotels and airlines can help you save big on costs. If your travel management software doesn’t provide the vendors and options that employees want, they might book outside of it, rendering your corporate travel policy useless.

Other aspects that you should consider while selecting travel management software are:

Determine its ease of use

It should be easy to use so that it enables employees to make travel bookings easily. 

  1. Intuitive UI/UX –  Employees should find it convenient to locate policies and other travel information they are looking for. For instance, it can have an easy drop-down menu with a description of each section so that employees know about each section, just by looking at it. In short, they should get to what they need quickly, easily, and without any instruction manual. 
  2. Have a mobile app – Apart from a desktop for reporting and analytics, the service provider should have a mobile app for the travel management software so that it gets easier for you and your employees to track and manage your travel. Again, the UI of the mobile app matters! Employees should be able to navigate through different sections easily! 

Ensure it has all required features

When it comes to selecting travel management software, knowing which features matter to you are necessary. Make a list of such features. Here is what we think are the essential features: 

  1. No setup costs and fast setup time – The software you choose should not have any setup costs and the developer should be able to set it up within no time.  
  2. Near-zero downtime – The software you choose should keep the data accessible to employees and be up and running 24*7*365. 
  3. Cloud computing –  With cloud computing service, your employees would be able to access the travel management software anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. So, they can access the information they want, book travel, save time on tedious reporting, and do much more with absolute ease.  
  4. Integration – The software should offer easy custom integrations or API so your development team can integrate it with other systems such as ERP, HRMS, accounting solutions, etc. Also, it should be compatible with other software.
  5. Ability to configure complex policies – The software should give the flexibility to configure complex flows for various scenarios. For instance, if an employee is traveling internationally, the software should show expense limits or per diems according to the destination as per your company’s travel policy. 
  6. Ability to customize travel policies – Your travel management software should allow you to reflect the changes you make to your corporate travel policy in no time so that it’s live and working whenever an employee books a trip. For instance, you can change the time taken for approval from 24 hours to 48 hours instantly, failing which the request would automatically get canceled.  
  7. Customizable approval workflows – Your software should include customizable complex approval workflows so that the employees know when to take approvals, and if there are any exceptions. 

Ensure it has features to provide enhanced safety

Apart from giving you full visibility of where an employee is, where she is staying, etc  via employee tracking, the travel management software you opt for should help you with:

  1. Safe hotel tagging – Opt for a travel management software like ITILITE that enables you to tag a hotel safe and compliant according to WHO’s global safety standards.   
  2. Locating travelers live – The software should have a feature that helps you track where your employee is at any given time – whether she is on a business trip or commuting to the office. 
  3. Controlling where it’s safe to go – The software should give you the ability to block the unsafe cities/accommodations from being searched by employees. With ITILITE Shield, you can lock a city, hotel, or airline that you deem unsafe and protect your employees.

Check if it provides 24*7 multi-level support 

An employee might need support at any given point, during her journey. The travel management software you choose should offer support proactively, no matter what time of the day it is. Equally important is to ensure that they provide support through easily accessible channels such as chats and calls. In case of emergencies, your employee should be able to reach out to an agent directly, instead of chatbots.  

Check if it provides advanced reporting & analytics

The travel management software you choose should have the ability to report on business travel. Choose a software that helps you with:

  1. Real-time visibility of travel reports – You should get an instant view of what’s going on and if someone needs help while booking or taking approval. Also, it allows you to identify patterns and trends to make smarter decisions.
  2. Detailed reporting via a single dashboard –  As a travel manager, you should be able to view all the travel-related information in a consolidated manner, in one place. The reporting should be:
    • By function
    • By department 
    • By period 
    • Individual employee 

Integrated T&E Is The Need Of The Hour!

The software you use to book and manage travel can greatly impact your experience as a travel manager and every employee traveling for work. With ITILITE, you can craft a great employee experience by providing integrated travel and expense management software with an easy-to-use interface. Along with managing travel, you can detect fraud by auto-flagging out-of-policy claims, automate reimbursements, and do much more. Book a demo with our product expert today.  

Travel Management Software Checklist 

Download this checklist to compare the essential features of various travel management software. Choose the one that best fits your needs! You can also use it to assess if your current provider has the key attributes. 

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